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Tim Tiley started distributing a range of cards and posters in 1970. In his early years he was best known for his range of printed products which were sold through Cathedrals and Church book stalls to visitors. Tim Tiley Ltd was established in 1978 and has been steadily growing ever since. It was not long before Christian bookshops began to approach him and they have now become a major part of Tim Tiley Ltd's customer base bringing our products into town and city centres throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Since the mid 1980's Tim Tiley broadened his range to include a wide ever growing variety of inspirational gift products sourced from or jointly produced with a network of similar Christian distributors world wide.

As Tim Tiley Ltd is purely a wholesale distributor, we always encourage private individuals to purchase our products through their local Christian retailer. TimTiley Ltd has a policy of supporting our retailers as we have no wish to compete with them.






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